Welcome to Darts Over the Arch!

The Darts Over the Arch Tournament is open to all Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, and Transgendered (GLBTT) dart teams. A GLBTT dart team consists of LGBTQQIP2SAA+ players.

Thank you to all who attended last years tournament.  Without you we could not make this happen.
We're looking forward to seeing everyone this Columbus Day weekend.  Our committee has been working overtime to make this years tournament memorable.  We hope everyone will have a wonderful time.

Registration is now OPEN!

$100 per team if Registered by October 6th
$120 per team on October 7th

It wouldn’t be a Darts Over the Arch tournament without another major event happening in St. Louis. This year, the presidential debate is on Sunday, October 8th.

If you need assistance finding an affordable room, feel free to ask for advice. Staying in/near the 64/270/44 triangle of highways keeps you within 15-20 minutes of the locations.

Via priceline, staying in the Downtown St. Louis or Forest Park - Clayton areas will keep you within 10-15 minutes of the event locations (depending on city streets/time). Staying in the Fenton-Kirkwood or Westport areas should place you about 15-20 minutes away (highway driving).